SK - Sarah Kamsler Original Fine Art
Artist's Statement

Using the landscape as a starting point, I paint my vision of the natural world and our relationship to it. Destruction is tempered by hope and regeneration. I aim for an overall sense of wary playfulness. The arrow-like tree shapes, geological forms and disjointed sticks suggest shapes and textures from nature, but are no doubt personified to reflect the struggles that we navigate as humans. Many paintings reflect simultaneously environmental and societal concerns. Deforestation, overdevelopment of land, global warming, the domination of a leader, the patterns of migrating birds and a fascination with geology are all things driving my current work.

Why landscapes? The ground conceals our darkest secrets and our coveted delights. Itís our record of the way things were. The sky dances endlessly above us. Clouds take on the shapes of recognizable forms- taunting us with the possibilities of what could be. I delight in the merging of both ground and sky- thatís where we exist. Life is a continuous balancing act of past, present and future. The landscape is my attempt to metaphorically represent a snapshot of these ever-changing realities.

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